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Maskells Advice for First Time Landlords

Jul 7, 2021

Becoming a landlord for the first time is a big step to make in the property world – and whilst there are many things to consider, the better your agent at guiding you through the... read more

Maskells Interior Design Tips on How to Make a Big Impact in a Small Space

Jul 6, 2021

You can still make a big impact in a small space. With bursts of colour and slight decor changes, you can easily make a huge statement. Not only can small changes help give tiny rooms more... read more

Maskells Tips on How Best to Present your Home for Sale or Rent

Jul 2, 2021

1. Curb Appeal Many potential buyers and tenants will have made a decision about your home within the first few seconds of standing outside your front door.  Tidy up the outside of your... read more

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6 of the Best Architecture and Design Podcasts

Jul 5, 2021 0

Plug into one of these design podcasts for insightful chats with leading designers, artists and architects offering in depth conversations with some of the industry's brightest minds.  ... read more

Kensington & Chelsea Art Festival 2021

Jun 21, 2021 1

Kensington + Chelsea Art Week is expanding throughout the summer season with a festival that elevates the magic and shared experiences of public art and live performance.  From 21 June... read more

7 Pretty Hidden Streets in Kensington

Apr 28, 2021 2

Kensington is one of London’s most elegant neighborhoods. Best known for being home to Kensington Palace and Gardens, it’s also host to an abundance of hidden streets. We are taking... read more

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