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ONE STOP SHOP - We Source The Best Tenants.

We provide a one stop shop route to market; advertising our clients' properties on every digital platform, including all major property portals and through our conspicuous social media channels, to provide comprehensive coverage of the market in order that they can be assured no stone is left unturned in the search for a tenant.

Our in-depth knowledge of our market, well established black book of contacts and decades of experience also allows us to operate seamlessly in an off-market capacity, securing premium rentals within the rarefied ultra-prime sector of the market.

High street presence; we believe there is no substitute for a high street presence. It embeds us within our community and provides both our clients and tenants with maximum accountability. Maskells has two prominent offices well positioned to cover the whole of Prime London.

MINIMISING RISK - We Eliminate Your Fears.

Most Landlords biggest fear is the prospect of a bad tenant who damages their property and doesn't pay their rent, often resulting in protracted eviction proceedings.

What a landlord might not realise is that the risk of this nightmare scenario can be all but eliminated by your letting agent. So, the question is, in an industry where your agent plays such a pivotal role in the performance of your asset, why would you settle for anything other than the best?

DETAIL MATTERS - We Don't Make Mistakes.

Your letting agent will be responsible for upholding your interests throughout the tenancy, navigating over 180 separate pieces of lettings specific legislation, ensuring your legal and contractual compliance at all times and managing your tenants' expectations to maintain positive relations.

Maskells provides a "one point of contact" system meaning you will deal with the same person throughout the transaction, from the first meeting through to the long-term management of your property asset.

This powerful benefit minimises the error count, maximises accountability and provides a clear channel of communication delivering to our clients the peace of mind that their property is being well cared for.


Where all estate agents preach about the quality of their service, but so few actually deliver it, the key differentiators in our industry have become experience, trustworthiness and accountability. This is particularly the case in our industry which is heavily regulated and, crucially, where the agent holds a lot of sway over who you eventually chose as a tenant, the landlord in most cases having never met the tenant before the tenancy commences.

We are the owners and operators of our business, and our reputation matters to us a great deal, meaning you can always trust a member of our firm to act in your best interests.

We have a team of experienced and exam qualified lettings professionals, with a combined over 70 years working in the lettings industry. We are a hugely experienced team which is absolutely vital when dealing with difficult tenants or tenancy related problems.


Client Retention Rate.

How much is your property worth?

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A TEAM THAT CARES - We Are Lovely To Work With.

Truly exceptional service comes from an inherent desire to make yourself indispensable. At Maskells, we understand that the only way we will succeed is by ensuring, first and foremost, that our clients succeed.

Success in our industry means forging long term relationships with our landlords, because the business of lettings is not about a single transaction, it is about becoming a long-term trusted partner to our clients.

VALUE FOR MONEY - We Are Well Priced.

Maskells operates a simple and cost-effective commission and fee structure, with one administration charge at the outset of each letting, and one commission rate, paid in line with your rental income to improve your cashflow and cement that all-important sense of alignment of interests.

There are no hidden charges or long list of add-on fees, and as a business we never take referral fees or kickbacks (unlike many competitors) which can significantly increase a landlord's costs and create inherent conflicts.


Through our unique platform, we are able to cover a wide geographical area. In particular we can manage a diverse portfolio spread across London under one management team. Operating in different prime postcodes requires a different approach and our dynamic offering ensures a strategy will be developed that is best suited to your property.

Why Let with Maskells.

A few words on our industry and why you might choose Maskells to let your property. There are a few key points of difference we like to highlight between our firm and the myriad of less salubrious estate agents. We are pleased to say it is not the case that all estate agents are created equal!

However starting with the similarities, all letting agents source tenants in exactly the same way. We all advertise properties in exactly the same places, which is where over 95% of all tenant and buyer property searches originate. The upshot of this is that we all possess virtually identical tools with which to find a tenant for your flat/house, and therefore when it comes to choosing an agent to represent you, this side of the equation essentially becomes a moot point.

This is particularly pertinent in the lettings industry where the service we are providing is not a single transaction, but a long term relationship and where the agents competence is ultimately often decisive.

The problem with this situation - all agents being equally capable of generating leads and viewings for your property - is that often a landlord will only realise the incompetence of their agent after the tenancy has been put in place, meaning you are already committed to working with that firm. So, it is essential that a landlord looks very carefully at exactly who they will be working with before they commit.

You will find most corporate agencies have stripped back their operations, rationalising their businesses and moving key departments - accounts, property management, renewals to name but a few - to other parts of the country, or out of the UK altogether - to save cost. The problem here is that clear communication between these parts of the business is essential to reduce the risk of error and provide a seamless service to landlords. Separately it often means that the individual who is managing your property and looking after your tenants has never and will never actually visit the property or meet your tenant.

We have identified this as a key weakness in our industry, and have set out our business in an entirely different way, focusing on a system and a team that which will deliver the best service and results for our landlord, and not simply the cheapest way to run the operation.

The key differentiators in our industry have become experience, trustworthiness and accountability, especially in lettings which is a heavily regulated (and therefore highly complicated) business and crucially where the agent holds a lot of sway over who you eventually chose as a tenant, the landlord in most cases having never met the tenant before the tenancy commences.

This is where we come to the fore. As owners and operators on the front line of the business, there is no greater motivation to provide a consistently high level of service, which every firm in our industry preaches about, but so few actually deliver. We work in the long-term best interests of our clients and seek to gain their trust by aligning their successes to our own and being completely transparent in all our business activities. We are fully accountable because we are stakeholders in Maskells and therefore there is no chance of "staff turnover" at the top, as there is so much of in our industry. We have a huge amount of experience in our team, whereas the average tenure of an estate agent in an associate or manager role in London is less than 3 years, so it is likely that the person you align yourself with initially will not even work for the company by the time the errors or mistakes come to the fore. At our firm you will deal with the same team for the next 20 years - if you can bear us!


Client Retention Rate.

How much is your property worth?

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Landlord Fees.

Maskells operates a simple and cost-effective commission and fee structure.

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