Effective Property Management is key to protecting your investment and realising the best overall return. It forms a crucial part of efficient cost control, maintaining the condition of properties, maximising tenancy lengths, maximising the rent achieved and minimising rent voids.

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Where other agents have deprioritised and outsourced property management, viewing it simply as a cost centre, we view it as our greatest single selling point. To exemplify this, where other agents tend to manage around 1/3 of their total let properties, at Maskells we let and manage 78% of our client’s properties, showing that Landlords come specifically to us because they understand the importance of high quality property management. We are fortunate to have achieved a 98% client retention rate, which is market leading in our industry and exemplifies that when landlords work with Maskells they never want to leave!

DEDICATED PROPERTY MANAGEMENT – One-Stop Shop Approach With A single Point Of Contact.

As a cornerstone of our property management business, we operate a single point of contact policy for either one property or an entire portfolio. This “one point of contact” system provides landlords with peace of mind that their property manager really understands their property and knows their tenants. Our system minimises the error count, as does the fact that we all work within one tight-knit team – you will find most estate agencies have outsourced their accounts teams and/or property management teams out of London or into different offices.

HANDS ON 24/7 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT – We Care For Each Property As If Our Own.

At Maskells we are acutely aware that our Landlords and Tenants want to talk to somebody they know and trust to get any problems taken care of, 24 hours a day, with the minimum amount of fuss and unnecessary expenditure. We don’t hide behind Apps or remote offices, we will address a problem by viewing/assessing it for ourselves and finding the quickest and most efficient solution. All our property managers have inspected every managed property in detail, and have detailed files on all aspects of the property in order to achieve efficient management during the term of the tenancy. We always meet with tenants to ensure a good working relationship.

PRECISE PROPERTY MANGEMENT – Bespoke, Flexible And Supportive Service.

With over 180 different pieces of lettings legislation to adhere to, our management service takes the stress out of property management by ensuring compliance at all times. Our team has a combined property management experience of 42 years, and we are all ARLA exam qualified, so you have peace of mind that your property is being looked after by experienced professionals.


Our team is extremely mobile – the company provides team members with a scooter in order that we can attend properties within a wide radius very quickly and efficiently should problems arise. Ultimately it means when a problem arises during the tenancy, often we will be there ourselves initially to help diagnose and manage the tenant.

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