Maskells Interior Design | Super-prime designer predicts four key trends for 2020

Posted on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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Elicyon founder and Candy & Candy alumna Charu Gandhi has designed the interiors for some of London’s most valuable apartments, at schemes including One Hyde Park, Clarges Mayfair, Mayfair Park Residences and Chelsea Barracks. Here’s a snapshot of the top colours, textures and techniques that she and her team are currently working with, and expect to be among the key themes for next year sourced from

1. Earth Tones

Following a few years of bright jewel tones, we are starting to use deeper earthy shades to our schemes, such as rust, ochre, umber and sienna. These rich and complex neutrals are vibrant yet serene and lend our interiors a significant degree of refinement and personality.

Chelsea Barracks by Qatari Diar (Image: Elicyon/Michael Sinclair)

2. Material Honesty

Material honesty is the idea that a substance should be itself in its pure form rather than re-worked to mimic something else. We are seeing this return to interiors in the form of untreated timbers, unpolished stones, raw textures and undyed natural fabrics. Blended in with our otherwise refined material selection, these coarse finishes and textures add contrast and definition to our schemes.

Interior at Clarges Mayfair (Image: Elicyon)

3. Decorative Soft Furnishings

It’s all in the detail, particularly when it comes to soft furnishings. We have recently experimented with layering trims and fringing to curtains and commissioning elaborate embroidery and bead work to our cushions and throws. These bespoke touches hugely elevate a space and add heaps of personality.

Clarges Mayfair (Image: Elicyon)

4. Exposed Detailing

In a similar way to how material honesty applies to finishes, exposed detailing applies to bespoke furniture design. Instead of covering joints and concealing fixings, we like to celebrate them and make them a feature. Not only does it add personality to a piece, it also shows off the fact that the pieces are bespoke and hand crafted.


Chelsea Barracks by Qatari Diar (Image: Elicyon/Ray Main)

Main image: Chelsea Barracks (Elicyon/Michael Sinclair)