Maskells | Indoor Skylights: 5 Beautiful Indoor Skylights To Tempt You To Have One For Yourself

Skylights can completely change the feel of a room. They don’t just let in more natural light, they also create a much more open feeling of space. By adding glass to a low ceiling you can make it feel higher, seeing the sky through a high ceiling gives it the illusion of being part of an outdoor space. A window above your bed allows you to gaze at the night sky before you sleep, and one above a dining room could have you eating beneath the trees. There are tons of ways in which to enjoy a skylight in your home, and we’ve put together an inspirational gallery with 5 of our favourite skylights currently installed in our properties.

1. This beautiful house has a skylight installed above the staircase, this allows for natural light to flow pleasingly down through the house. 


Posted on Monday, August 10, 2020