Advice from Maskells on Selling your Home this Autumn

Posted on Monday, October 7, 2019

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When refurbishing a property, it is essential to cater to the right audience. There is no point in creating a ‘Knightsbridge bling’ finish in Old Chelsea, where the target audience is much more established, traditional and conservative. Essential to know your audience. 

Marketing – the latest tricks and tips, the quirkier the better.

It is difficult to re-invent the wheel, but it is essential that the market is covered. It is amazing how many (including some of the country’s largest) agents do not advertise on all main portals. Your agent MUST be on all portals in order to cover the market place. At Maskells we have also invested in Matterport technology. This creates 3d walkthroughs – we are appealing to an international audience, many of whom are flying into London especially to view the property. In creating a 3d walkthrough, buyers are able to have a far better idea of the look and layout of the property.

What to do if you’re absolutely desperate to move?

Instruct a proactive agent and price sensibly. There is almost zero tolerance for the overvaluing of property in prime London. If a vendor is keen to effect a timely sale, it is essential to instruct the right agent who will advise correctly and drive interest. However, ultimately London is such that it will always find its’ level. Therefore the price is paramount and by far the most important variable. Often we will advise the client to advertise the property at a price well under where we expect it to sell.   Whenever we have taken this approach,  the market has generated a spike in activity and over the last 2 years, we have secured offers in around 2.5 weeks and (sometimes significantly) over the asking price, compared to the market average in RBKC of far longer at present.