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Corporate Services

Maskells Lettings Agents provides Corporate Clients access to almost every available property to rent in London including private off-market homes.

Global mobility services for HR professionals

Whether the assignment is temporary or permanent, relocating key staff with their families is a specialised discipline in its own right, encompassing every significant aspect of the person’s life. To ensure business continuity, Maskells can help you to manage this complicated process with minimal disruption.

Based on our extensive experience of these challenges, we offer bespoke services tailored to the requirements of both the company and the relocating employee:

  • Property visit appointment schedule
  • Negotiations support
  • Guidance throughout the renting process
  • Full relocation services including hands-free removal management
  • Area familiarisation services
  • Education counselling
  • Home management services.
  • Working with your relocation agent
Good working relationships with many of the leading relocation agents allows us to provide a seamless professional service with a single point of contact.