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Maskells | 8 Home Offices To Inspire Work Productivity

Nov 6, 2020

W ith many people working from home this year, your home office is a place that should inspire a flow of creativity and allow you to work efficiently. Often home offices can be the most... read more

Maskells | 10 Open Plan Rooms for Easy Living

Aug 24, 2020

Looking for open living ideas? Airy, spacious and versatile, open-plan rooms are a popular design choice for the modern home. We've rounded up our favourite open plan rooms which provide easy... read more

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The History of Fulham Palace

Sep 30, 2020 0

For much of its history, Fulham’s property market consisted of just one building, the impressive Manor House. Now known as  Fulham Palace , its captivating history spans over 1,300... read more

Maskells Historical Guide to Albertopolis

Sep 22, 2020 1

Following London’s Great Exhibition of 1851 in nearby Hyde Park, Prince Albert, always a patron of the arts, used the event’s proceeds to turn the area surrounding what is now... read more

The Story Behind "The Skinny House" in South Kensington

Sep 22, 2020 2

This building situated on Thurloe Square in South Kensington is more commonly known as the "Skinny House" and, at its narrowest end, is only 6ft wide. Originally, back in the 19th Century, 5... read more

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